Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Assistant in front of the lens!~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer





This is my niece Taylor. She has been assisting me through the summer for work experience at school. But tonight was her turn to sit in front of my lens. Look how gorgeous she is! And her outfit, well she just couldn't have picked out a better one. We decided to head down to the Veiled Gardens in Oregon City. A lovely little garden that I've used before, like the day before with Miss Em. Lots of great natural light to work with and beautiful pathways, a gazebo, and perfect portrait spots.

Little Miss 'Em'~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer



E8 crop



Oh how I love this little lady! She is so beautiful and so full of personality. She has these big blue eyes that just melt you.
It was a quick, down and dirty, photo shoot but we got it done! A lot of great shots and a lot of beautiful natural light. Can't ask for much more!